Lawrencium Legal is a legal and business advisory company in R&D, technology and life sciences and combines legal advisory with affinity in science and business. Lawrencium Legal supports all the legal aspects of the entire pipeline of research and development and the application of scientific research. The multi-disciplinary approach provides strategic added value to its clients from academia, industry, startups and European research infrastructures.

Lawrencium Legal advises clients which are active in the fields of:

  • innovative technology

  • life sciences

  • pharmaceuticals

  • health and food products

  • fashion

  • data

  • agrotechnology

  • (bio)energy

  • biotechnology

  • therapeutics

  • drug development

  • chemicals

  • radionuclides

  • imaging

  • medical devices

  • marine biology

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Oskar Uzun

His expertise includes corporate law, (international) contract law, intellectual property rights law, European law, research infrastructures and public-private partnerships.

Oskar Uzun has international experience in contract negotiations, providing  legal advice and strategic support. He advised to start-ups, companies, academia and public-private partnerships in the fields of life sciences, R&D and technology.

Oskar Uzun holds a Master of Law and has gained additional professional training in intellectual property rights, EU regulation, European research infrastructures, project management, (bio)medical operations, and business and economics.



Koninklijke Industriëele Groote Club
European Society for Molecular Imaging
International Conference for Research Infrastructures
Licensing Executive Society